Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate denounces US escalation of Iraq War

Without the slightest public discussion or debate, US-backed forces have begun the bloody siege of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. While the Obama administration denounces Syria and Russia for war crimes in Aleppo, the US is preparing a far greater crime against the 1.5 million people, including 600,000 children, who remain trapped in Mosul. Regardless of who wins the presidential …

SEP Vice Presidential candidate Niles Niemuth speaks about the presidential debate and the danger of war

The situation is critical. Only a mass movement of the international working class for socialism and against the source of war, the capitalist system, can prevent a global catastrophe. The SEP is sounding the alarm, but it is you who must take up the fight. Attend the SEP/IYSSE conference “Socialism vs. Capitalism and War” on November 5 at Wayne State University in Detroit to lay the basis for a fight against war.

Pittsburgh students and workers discuss war and the 2016 elections

On September 20, SEP US vice presidential candidate Niles Niemuth held an election meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A campaign team spoke to students at University of Pittsburgh, as well as workers in the nearby impoverished borough of Wilkinsburg, about the 2016 elections, the social conditions facing young people, and the urgent need to build an antiwar movement.

SEP West Virginia candidate Naomi Spencer speaks on heroin epidemic

Overdoses, alcoholism and suicide are leading causes of death for young and middle-aged workers nationwide. Appalachia and the “rustbelt” of the Midwest are among the regions worst hit by a spreading heroin epidemic. The areas hardest hit by the epidemic have been decimated by class war policies waged by the American ruling class over the last four decades. Naomi Spencer, …

SEP vice presidential candidate Niles Niemuth condemns global youth unemployment

Socialist Equality Party (US) vice presidential candidate Niles Niemuth issued this statement in response to the recent International Labour Organization report that 71 million young people are currently unemployed worldwide.

Socialist Equality Party vice presidential candidate Niles Niemuth condemns war in Yemen